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Salesforce is a customer relationship management (or CRM) solution.

My contract management is done in Salesforce and my invoicing in SAP Business ByDesign. How can I ensure that the information my sales reps enter in Salesforce is used by the sales administration/accounting/finance departments? My sales reps don’t always provide the right customer/contract information, and it’s difficult for financiers to post invoices at the right time.

With the Salesforce/SAP Business ByDesign connector, you automate the transmission of information between sales reps and sales administration/finance. You issue invoices at the right time. You post invoices at the right time. You can track customer work-in-progress accurately and in real time.

You save manual processing time for tasks with higher added value, you limit human errors and make the exchange of information more reliable. You raise the level of confidence that users will have in your management data.


Automatic creation of elements 

Customer name, PJ, quote number, Purchase Order number, article, quantity, …

Communication Salesforce avec SAP ByD

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Bertrand, our Sales Manager

“Coupling the two tools avoids the multiplication of data entry tasks.

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