SAP ERP and custom Saas Cloud computing

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SaaS cloud erp integration : The Ubister methodology in pictures

Step 1 : Immersion in the company

Ubister confers with your teams, and improves your procedures
Ubister identifies, with you your strategic issues, as well as your operational and financial objectives
Ubister evaluates your company's maturity to deploy a management system of appropriate complexity

Step 2 : propose the most appropriate solution ...

Ubister performs a gap analysis between your processes and solutions
Ubister advises you to optimize your operation
Ubister provides processes and teaches you how to use them

... based on custom and powerful scalable SAP softwares

Step 3 : data recovery, testing and training

An initial, fast and simple implementation
Working closely with your teams
For a progressive appropriation
by end users

Step 4 : a long-term support by our SAP Consultants

Post-Boot Support on demand
as long as you feel the need
A permanent attention to your satisfaction
A long-term partnership to support your growth

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