Automatisez les flux entre Business ByDesign et vos banques grâce au protocole sécurisé EBICS.
banking communication with SAP ByD

Banking communication Banking communication

The banking communication connector uses EBICS TS, a secure protocol for your banking transactions.

– How can I automatically and securely transmit my direct debit and transfer orders from my ERP to my banks?
– How to automatically retrieve my account statements in order to proceed with my bank reconciliation in my ERP?

With the banking communication connector offered by Ubister, you can send your transfer and direct debit orders to all of your banks in 1 click. You will also automatically receive your account statements in order to proceed with your lettering.

– At least you gain 8 hours of work per month.
– You automate tasks with little added value (extraction and import of information from statements, transfers, direct debits).
– You gain in reliability (data and manual errors).
And you know what ? The more banks and legal entities you have, the more you earn!

Automation of incoming and outgoing flows
Transfer order, direct debit order, account statements.

Secure file transfer via EBICS TS protocol

Suppression of the risk of errors

Communication bancaire


  • Implementation from
    2250 €
  • Monthly subscription from
    149 €
Sullivan, your finance expert

A very useful connector for companies that make transfers with many banks on a recurring basis.

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