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Connecteur Qonto SAP Business ByDesign

Connecteur Qonto Connecteur Qonto

Qonto is a neobank (100% online) for startups and SMEs, simplifying expense management and accounting.

– How to integrate the transaction statements (which are not in the standard French banking format) in account statement format in order to proceed with the bank reconciliation?
– How can I automate the lettering of my banking transactions as much as possible?

With the Qonto connector offered by Ubister, you can automatically integrate your transaction statements into your SAP Business ByDesign ERP and proceed with bank reconciliation. You can also optimize the automatic lettering by analyzing the texts available in the account statements.

You save manual processing time to perform tasks with higher added value,
You make data transfer more reliable,
You meet the right conditions to initiate automatic lettering functions.

Allows you to create account statements from Qonto transactions

Save time by automatically loading bank statements

Reduced risk of data entry errors


Qonto banque en ligne pour les professionnels


  • Implementation from
    850 €
  • Monthly subscription from
    149 €
Maxime, your développer

An essential solution for ByDesign and Qonto users, because it is the only way to have bank statements in standard format.

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