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Connecteur Heitz Connecteur Heitz

Solution for importing accounting entries from the Heitz solution to SAP Business ByDesign.

The information system is made up of different solutions which do not communicate natively with each other (communication systems, file formats, fields used, etc.)
The solutions each evolve on their own and make an integration that should be sustainable and complex. scalable.

The connector between Heitz and SAP Business ByDesign, created by Ubister, makes it possible to automatically import the accounting entries generated by Heitz into the ERP, following your personalized business rules in order to centralize all the data at an instant T in a single management tool, for operational and analytical purposes.

Time, a lot of time… It will depend on the volume of entries,
You make data transfer more reliable,
By dumping all your data into a single tool, you facilitate the production of reliable and real-time management reports!

Daily unidirectional import of accounting entries (Turnover, Payments…).

Reporting of financial data to headquarters

Re-entry avoided

Import automatique des écritures dans votre ERP

import écritures comptables byUbister


  • Implementation from
    850 €
  • Subscription from
    492 €
Nathalie, your finance expert

« When key activities of a company are managed using specific solutions, the regular integration into the ERP of accounting entries from these activities is strategic. This makes it possible to supply data to the management tool for the entire company. »

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