Snap, exchange rate, partenaire Ubister
Snap, exchange rate, partenaire Ubister

Exchange rate add-on Exchange rate add-on

The exchange rate add-on allows you to update the exchange rates daily and automatically.

How to manage the fluctuation of exchange rates on my transactions in foreign currencies?

On the basis of the information shared by the European Central Bank (ECB), the “Exchange rate” solution imports and updates more than 90 exchange rates daily in your SAP Business ByDesign ERP.

Always have the last updated exchange rate in your SAP Business ByDesign ERP,
Gain manual processing time to do more value-added tasks,
You can calculate the accounting impacts linked to exchange differences.

Transparency, you are warned in case of error

Save time with automation

Modular in terms of access

Schéma fonctionnel

tableau de bord exchange rate


  • Implementation from
    1300 €
  • Subscription from
    95 €
Mayra, your finance expert

An essential solution if your customers and / or suppliers are international.

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