connecteur eam4cloud


Management solution for the maintenance operations of a production site. Occupancy rate, security, maintenance parts.

– How to reduce the downtime and maintenance of my machine park?
– How to monitor maintenance operations and their cost?

Solution :
The EAM4Cloud solution created by All4Cloud (Acloudster member), allows you to reduce machine downtimes:
Set up predictive maintenance (according to occupancy rates and manufacturer data), and feed back the planning of shutdowns in your ERP SAP Business ByDesign to assign it to the right technician at the right time.
Digitize and centralize in your ERP Business ByDesign the report of all maintenance operations, the replacement of defective parts, and the cost of each intervention. Automate the restocking of consumable and replacement parts.

Gains :
Save time and money by reducing your maintenance times.
Know in real time the state of your machine park.

Real-time reporting and analysis

Management of spare parts, description of the technical installation, budgeting.

Inbound and outbound maintenance

Management of reports, management of installations, securing of equipment, self-service for the creation of tickets, access to technical documentation, extension of service contracts, securing the current state of devices or machines with IoT thanks to monitoring.

Schéma fonctionnel



  • Implementation from
    19 000 €
  • Monthly subscription from
    495 €
Renaud, your Supply Chain expert

This connector allows you to combine the classic functions of maintenance software with those of goods and warehouse management, without leaving the user interface.

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