Design4 Professional Services

Design4 Professional Services

For service companies, software vendors and SaaS platforms

If you are a service company (consulting: IT, strategy and process, management, engineering) or a SaaS platform provider that is revolutionising its market: the SAP-certified Design4 Professional Services package (powered by SAP Business ByDesign) is for you!

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Timothée Dufour Ornikar

Timothée Dufour, CFO Ornikar

« As promised, a rhythmic support and an implementation delivered on the day and within the budget of the package »

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With the Professional Services package :
With the Design4 Professional Services package, you will have :

Ready-to-use dashboards

Because « what can be measured can be improved » – Peter Drucker – Ubister provides you with performance indicators that have been tested and approved by our team and your peers for 10 years (Finance, Sales, Purchasing)

A sustained training programme to be free and independent

Because the notion of freedom is central to Ubister and because there is no question of you being dependent on your integrator (us!) for the slightest change in the tool.

A 100% SaaS and scalable package

Because it can be accessed from any computer, tablet or mobile as long as you have an internet connection, and because you are going to grow, take advantage of a powerful and scalable solution that will support you throughout your history (international deployment, company integration/acquisitions, pivot and change of business structure…).

User training throughout the project

Ubister’s objective is to provide you with as much knowledge as possible so that

so that you are as independent as possible in the use of the tools and the

and the changes to be made in the future.


  • Assessment of the knowledge level of the Key Users (KU) according to their speciality(ies),
  • E-learning training to familiarise them with the tool.


  • Configuration workshops,
  • Application exercises.


  • Support from Ubister experts,
  • Possibility of training sessions to deepen your knowledge.


As Ubister is a recognised “datadocked” training centre, we can help you to obtain funding for the training of your Key Users during the project from the OPCOs.