rapports intelligents destinés à vos métiers: Vente, Achat, Suivi de trésorerie, Finance..

Smart reports Smart reports

A set of performance indicators and turnkey management reports. 

– How to set up a complete management follow-up in 1 day, using the integrated Business Intelligence of SAP Business ByDesign?

Because “what can be measured can be improved” – Peter Drucker – and thanks to its Design4 packages, Ubister provides you with performance indicators tested and approved by your peers and by our team for 10 years for Finance , Sales and Purchases. 

Earnings : 
– You benefit from the use and feedback from your peers (CFO, sales administration, buyers, etc.),
– You facilitate the sharing of information in real time, on the management of your company,
– As the “basics” are in place, you can focus on designing custom reports.

Sample reports

Customizable dashboard

Financial reports (operating margin, cash flow, for 1 € consumed, the entity generated x…).

Sales reports (volume of customer offers, commercial margin by product, remainder to be delivered, etc.).

Purchase reports (purchase order tracking, purchase cost tracking…)

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rapport intelligent


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Sullivan, your finance expert

Reports are a very good tool for internal communication and a first step towards setting up Business Intelligence tools.