SAP Business ByDesign : Business management

SAP Business ByDesign : Management Software

You are a small-to-medium size business, innovative and rapidly growing ?

You are looking for solutions which integrate operational and financial flow ?

You need to structure your management procedures with steering tools which are consistent and shared at your disposal ?

You would like a latest-generation solution, upgradable and powerful ?

You don’t have much time but you are exacting about the result ?

This business management software is for you !

SAP ByD : the SaaS solution

Choose a complete latest-generation ERP, bringing peace of mind and satisfaction to all who use it within your business.

Friendly, powerful and upgradable with up to date ergonomics, ByD makes computing simple and practical and provides each user with the level of service he expects.

To choose SaaS, with the leader of ERPs, is the optimal guarantee of your business strategy and organisation.

To choose SAP Business ByDesign, is to achieve an exceptional Power/Cost ratio.

According to research and circumstance, the cost of a solution like ByD is less than 30-50% of standard configurations.

You have the use of the cutting edge technology of the future, together with a unique portfolio of solutions which can grow with your business.

I just have to choose !