“Design4” High Tech groups

Design4 High Tech groups, dedicated to your business

Is your company growing strongly and moving to several countries almost at the same time ?

You need to be responsive, especially because you are managing fast obsolescence products ?

All of your employees need to use powerful dashboards that can be accessed anywhere

Want to benefit from a proven solution from other companies in your sector ?

This business management software is for you !

Design4 High Tech groups, thought for your job

Business-specific  configuration derived from best practices in your sector, immediately operational, adaptable to most contexts and compatible with all technical add-ons.

Process documentation :  for a rapid understanding of the potential of the system;  in order  to facilitate the changeover ;  to promote the implementation  of new internal methods  and  to speed up acceptance of the system by end-users.

Running and reporting tools immediately operational and easy to use which give you an advantage from the start, speeding up decision-making.

A user training kit with material specifically for the project team and personalised online help for end-users.

Updates  distributed whenever there is an upgrade.

Namely, a comprehensive scalable package to fast-track your project with a sure and certain outcome.

I just have to choose !